Biblionet 2017

Information and Communication Technologies and Innovative Services in Libraries

14-16 September, Belgrade City Library

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The Biblionet conference has been successfully promoting library and information services in Serbia for ten years now. Biblionet gathers directors of almost all public libraries and the best Serbian librarians. It provides an opportunity to exchange experiences and show examples of good practices through numerous programmes, dialogues and presentations. It fosters the development of scientific research and library and information services in Serbia. It is organised under the patronage of the Parent Library Community of Serbia, the association that gathers all parent libraries in Serbia.


Conference topic:
ˮInformation and Communication technologies and Innovative services in Libraries

Date: 14-16 September 2017

Location: Belgrade City Library, Knez Mihailova 56, Belgrade

Host: Belgrade City Library /


The focus of Biblionet 2017 will be the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) in libraries and the introduction of innovative library programmes and services based on contemporary technologies.

Nowadays, library management is based on information technologies – library and information systems, e-catalogues, various databases, automated loans (barcoding of the library material), various software solutions for library operations and the evaluation of those operations, etc.

Furthermore, the number of library services based on ICT is constantly growing. There is an increase in the number of libraries whose services include e-reading rooms, markerspace edu-labs with various digital tools (3D printers, robots, etc.), media labs for the creation of audio and video material, numerous online services (educational courses, video games, websites, e-magazines, the Ask a Librarian service, etc.) and many others.

In accordance with the abovementioned, contemporary trends in the development of library and information services require a strong IT infrastructure, permanent engagement of IT experts, and continuous professional training of ICT experts. On the other hand, having in mind the resources the libraries have at their disposal, the maintenance and improvement of IT platforms, as well as the engagement of adequate experts, requires special efforts in achieving the delicate balance between the growing needs and the modest resources. The development and even the survival of libraries as the key institutions responsible for supporting the information society and fostering the knowledge expansion are directly dependent on the investment in ICT.

The main ideas of Biblionet 2017 are to:
– Stress the importance of the connection between libraries and ICT,
– Present the practices and improvement strategies used in developed countries,
– Present the innovative services used in libraries throughout Serbia that are based on ICT,
– Present different types of library management based on ICT,
– Define the needs and possibilities for the implementation of ICT in Serbian libraries.


Organisational Committee:

Jasmina Ninkov, Belgrade City Library Director and President of the Organisational Committee;
Dragana Milunovic PhD, National Library of Serbia, Secretary of the Parent Library Community of Serbia;
Stanka Jovicic, Belgrade City Library, Head of the Department for the Library Service Improvement;
Isidora Injac, Belgrade City Library, Cultural Programme Editor;
Ana Milutinovic, National Library of Serbia, Department for International Cooperation;
Nikola Puric, Belgrade City Library, Department for the Library Service Improvement;

Program Committee:

Marjan Marinkovic, Deputy Director of the Belgrade City Library;
Miroljub Stojanovic, National Library of Serbia, Head of the IT department
Adam Sofronijevic, Deputy Director of the University Library Svetozar Markovic;

Biblionet 2017 is organised with the help of the Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia.

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